Stunning Beaches in Yogyakarta

parangtritis beach

Yogyakarta has at least 20 stunning beaches, each with its own enchantment. Two of the beaches, Parangtritis and Parangkusumo are pretty famous and always crowded with visitors. Parangtritis is located 27 km south of Yogyakarta and easily accessible by public transportation that operates up to 17:00 pm as well as private vehicles. Parangtritis is the best tourist place for enjoying the sunset while having fun conquering sand dune with ATV (All-terrain Vehicle) or walking along the beach with a carriage in the romantic evening.

Yogyakarta Beaches

Drini Beach is one of the special beaches along Beautiful Gunungkidul’s coastal line as it has a small island floating in, dividing the beach into two parts. Flanked by rocky hills, the stretch of white sand was serene, illuminated by natural morning light. The coastal air was still cool and colorful fishing boats lined the beach, presenting a textbook photographic moment.

Not far away, there is Sundak beach. Also located in Wonosari, much of this area was still under the sea back in the 1930s! Only 8 decades later, the seawater level decreased dramatically, forming a new land and exposing the coral reefs and a large underwater cave that stands clear in view today. Interestingly, during the rainy season, water from land that floods into the sea splits the east side of the beach in a river like a stream. But when the dry season comes, the crevice disappears as seawater comes ashore and drags the sand way.

Baron Beach
Baron Beach, Indonesia

Only 3 kilometers from Sundak beach through a meandering road, Kukup beach cuts through hills that connect it to the next beach, Baron beach.

Sepanjang Beach
Sepanjang Beach, Indonesia

Sepanjang beach in Kemadang village showed its elusive quality. It was quiet and seemed ideal for sunbathing. A beach worth coming back to during turtle season. Sepanjang beach has the longest coastal line of all beaches in Gunung Kidul area, hence the name “Sepanjang” which means long. Decorated with palm trees, the coral reef along the beach displays itself with the rise and fall of tides, making it easy to see mollusks, starfish and sea urchins without having to dive. The waves in this area fierce.

There some stunning beaches in Yogyakarta. It’s Amazing Indonesia !