The Most Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia

Being one of the best tourist destinations to experience various adventures, Indonesia is known to have many splendid and beautiful beaches as well. These places will provide you with the best time to relax and also spend a relaxed holiday.

Best Indonesian Beaches

Below mentioned are some information on the top 10 the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, which are the best tourist attractions as well.

1. Nihiwatu Beach, Sumba

Nihiwatu Beach
Nihiwatu Beach at number 17 on CNN World’s 100 best beaches. In some ways, the perfect beach. It’s remote (an hour’s flight from Bali then a 90-minute drive) with beautiful, clean sand, clear water, almost no people, and amazing sunsets. It is home to the impressive Nihiwatu resort and is best outside the wet season.

Highlight: For surfers, the incredible left-hand break. For everyone else, as dusk approaches, a chance to join local villagers as they scour a section of a nearby reef at low tide for octopus, crabs, and seaweed.

2. Canggu Beach, Bali Island

Canggu beach
Beautiful sunset at Canggu beach, Indonesia

Canggu beach at number 39 on CNN World’s 100 best beaches. This surf-perfect coastline has everything from smooth waves to serious breaks. The scene is unpretentious, and the mood laid-back. The crowd is heavy with adventurous people who know Asia well.

Worth knowing: There’s little nightlife here; instead, travelers kick back with themselves and locals

3. Derawan Beach, East Kalimantan

Pulau Derawan at number 63 on CNN World’s 100 best beaches. Tourist accommodations are no-frills here, and that’s what makes the place unique. Most visitors will be able to spot turtles wading about on the island’s spotless silvery beaches.

Highlight: The waters surrounding Derawan are known to be a home to manta rays and green turtles.

4.  Tanjung Bira, South Sulawesi

Tanjung Bira is popular for its flour-like white sands. It is located about 5 hours from the city of Makassar. This place is known to be the best for flour-like white sands. This place is situated in Bulukumba and is a part of the Sulawesi Island.

Location: Bulukumba, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia

5. Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno Islands, West Nusa Tenggara

Many people doubt this spot, but that’s good because it keeps the crowds down. This area has a super laid back vibe, and the locals are so welcoming, it’s not unusual to be offered a hammock to rest your head indefinitely.

6. Kanawa Beach, Flores

Kanawa Island, Flores
Kanawa Island, Flores Indonesia

If your definition of a perfect romantic getaway haven is a white-sand winding beach, this little island in Komodo National Park has even more than that. It is a paradise, above and below the surface. Just a few steps away from the beautiful sands is an incredible variety of underwater life. You don’t have to dive to see a school of barracuda, lionfish, sea turtles, batfish, napoleon fish, or even reef sharks. Simply go for a snorkel in the shallow water and find yourself in another world. The corals are healthy, and the visibility is fantastic. Swim a little further to the other side of the island to find a secluded spot perfect for romance.

7. Jimbaran Beach, Bali

The coast of Jimbaran bay comprises several beach areas interrupted by cliffs, instead of being one long stretch of sand like Kuta Beach. With the coast facing the west, Jimbaran beach boasts a beautiful sunset view. Its most popular spot is the long beach just south of Ngurah Rai airport.

8. Belitung Island, Bangka Belitung Province

The stunning Belitung Island, Indonesia

Belitung or Belitong is an island off the east coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, flanked by the Gaspar Strait and Karimata Strait. Although the island is famous for white pepper and mineral mining type-C such as lead white, quartz sand, white clay (kaolin), and granite rocks, actually Belitung Island is a special island with beautiful granite rocky, greenish-blue sea, and white sandy beach which is not found anywhere.

9. Peucang Beach, Banten

Peucang Island, Indonesia
Ujung Kulon is a conservation area for the endangered Java Rhino. But, tourists are allowed to visit Peucang Island, which has a fantastic white sand beach. Located in Ujung Kulon, Banten Province, Indonesia.

10. Dreamland Beach, Bali Island

Dreamland Beach is a beach located on the Bukit peninsula, on the island of Bali. The beach provides basic accommodation and cafes for surfers and day-trippers. It is also renowned for its dangerous shore break.

These some beautiful beaches in Indonesia. Don’t hesitate to visit Indonesia. It’s Amazing!