Yummy…Tropical Fruits in Indonesia (Part 1)

If you are on vacation to Indonesia to enjoy its nature beauty, it is not complete if you don’t try tropical fruits which are sweet and delicious. These fruits are only in tropical countries. Usually, tropical fruits will be harvested by farmers in November until February. In some areas, these fruits will be available daily but with small quantities.

So, tropical fruits that you must try when you come to Indonesia are:


Durian is known as King of Fruits. It has a prickly skin and is covered by a hard husk that protects all part of the fruit, but behind the sharp thorns durian skin, it saves a scrumptious delicacy of fruit and a distinctive odor.

To open durian, there are some ways. You can ask the seller or you can try it yourself. You can do this by splitting the durian skin at a point opposite the stalk, form a line like + along 10 inches. Then you can open it by hand and push out. This is unique sensation, when you first open durian skin splitting focus then a few seconds later the contents will appear lined chunks of fruits.

Durian shape ranges from oblong to round, the color of its husk green to brown, and its flesh pale yellow to red, depending on the species. If you haven’t tried durian before, its flavor will be strange with strong odor.  When you swallow durian flesh, it will feel strange in the beginning, but this taste will bring better taste for the next bites.

In Indonesia, durian sources are in North Sumatra, South Sumatra, Lampung, West Java, East Java and West Kalimantan.

durian1Manggis (Mangosteen)

If durian is the King of Fruits, so mangosteen is the Queen of Fruits. Mangosteen shape is round with a dark purple color, and decorated with green stalks like a crown.

Try to reveal traditional game of Indonesian children. When opening Mangosteen, children can play puzzle. The rule of game is to guess amount of flesh fruit inside. To find it out, the children can see bottom of the fruit skin – the spot opposite the fruit stalk – the number of fields that are formed like petals.

To open it, you can use a knife or traditionally with tucked both hands, after exposed skin will look reddish purple skin and white flesh.

Interestingly the number of pieces of flesh will be equal to the number of fields that sticky outer skin of the mangosteen. It’s Amazing. You should try it.

How does it taste? Mangosteen is sweet and slightly sour mixed with flesh fibers that can be eaten. usually it is nice to swallow the flesh with its seed.

Mangosteen is sold in the market during rainy season or before Chinese lunar New Year celebrations (Imlek). This fruit will be expensive when it comes as offered fruit at temples. But you need to know that Queen of England is very fond of this fruit.

Manggis MangosteenBelimbing (Star Fruit)

Star Fruit has a unique shape like a star and the color is yellow. This fruit was originally from Maluku and then spread to other major islands in Indonesia. Star fruit is one of the tropical fruits which contains a lot of water. Sweet taste is dominant, and a little seed.

There are still some tropical fruits that will be written in this article, such as rambutan, mango musk, sirsak (soursop) and snake fruit. You can read it in the next article.  To be continued..


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