White Crater; Vacation in The Cloud

white craterEntered Kawah Putih or White Crater area, you’ll be stunned and amazed at the sight and see for yourself how amazing pool of water with smoke above it. Color the water in crater lake is not always white. White is the color of the crater of the most encountered while visiting, sometimes the apple-green water and a bluish, when the hot sun and fine weather, sometimes also the color of milk chocolate.

White Crater is located in Mount Patuha, a mountain located in West Java, near Situ Patenggang. This mountain height is 2,386 meters. This crater sulfur-containing fluid, situated on mountainside Patuha, Ciwidey district. Located approximately 45 km from the southern city of Bandung. In 1987, the beauty of lake white crater was developed into an object of tourist.

white craterBefore the White crater found on the top of Mount Patuha, people considered it as a regional summit that haunted, no one dared touch. Stories hereditary circulating among local residents say, the peak of Mount Patuha once the meeting place of the ancestors of South Bandung Mystery of the White crater lake beauty was revealed in 1837, by a half-breed German Dutch scientist, Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghun, who is also a Dutch planter who loves nature preservation.

Besides enjoying the scenery, Ciwidey region is a producer strawberry and Pepino fruits. Moreover, you can strum your own strawberry in the farm. This is a pleasant experience.

strawberry and pepino

How to Get There

Public transport to Ciwidey from Bandung can be found in Leuwi Panjang Terminal or Kebon Kalapa Terminal. Having arrived in Ciwidey then proceed using the rural transportation purposes Situ Patenggang. Rural transport that led to this Situ Patenggang crossed attractions in the area of strawberry plantation, White Crater, Ranca Upas and hot water pools Cimanggu. To be able to explore and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the area Ciwidey and it’s not enough just for one day. And do not forget to bring your warm clothes!

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