Unique Experience in Rinjani Mountain

rinjani mountain lombokMountains always become interesting places to be visited for the people who seek for the chance to get an adventure and getting close to nature. Trekking will become something very interesting and a lot of travelers are aiming to visit various mountains when they have the chance. Rinjani Mountain can be an excellent place to be visited especially for the people who expect more than just trekking and try to reach the summit of the mountain. There are a lot of things those can be enjoyed by the travelers who visit Rinjani Mountain and the area surrounding it.

Rinjani Mountain is a National Park and is located near Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. In within the area of this National Park, visitors can enjoy a lot of things. The standard activity done will be hiking all the way to the top of the mountain. Certainly this is something wanted by a lot of people. But hiking in Rinjani mountain is not an easy task to be done because this mountain hiking routes are considered being the difficult ones. Most travelers will choose to go with Sembalun route because it is relatively flat although that the route is rather long.

Some travelers may want to stop hiking before they reach the top of the mountain while some will not stop until they are able to reach the top. The reward for the people who are able to reach the summit of Rinjani Mountain is priceless. The scenery is beautiful and if the day has clear sky, travelers possibly will be able to see Agung Mountain in Bali or Tambora Mountain in Sumbawa. Travelers can take their time to find the animals of Rinjani Mountain such as the gray monkeys with long tails, deer, foxes, porcupines, wild boars, various species of birds and a lot others.

For a different experience, travelers may want to visit the west side of Rinjani Mountain and see a lake called Segara Anak. This lake has an active volcano called Baru Jari or Baru Mountain. This volcano is relatively new and the locals believe that this new mountain is the center of Rinjani Mountain. Aside of the unique view of a mountain in the middle of the lake, the lake of Segara Anak has beautiful scenery with the beautiful lake in beautiful water color. It gives a peaceful feeling and will be worthy to stay for a while here just to enjoy the scenery but get ready for the set of rules that must be obeyed.

Travelers can always take their time to visit and relax in the hot spring or maybe visiting caves around Rinjani Mountain. There is something special about Rinjani Mountain that will only be felt by the people who have ever tried to reach the summit. The priceless sceneries along with the unique things found around the Rinjani Mountain. Every visitor will feel the satisfaction once they reach the summit. The best time to travel there and reach the mountain’s summit is from August to December.

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