Traveling Solo With Your Kids

Traveling with children -even with two parents- is always a challenge. It is made even more challenging doing it solo. Packing, scheduling, and young minds that get bored easily during long flights or car rides can soon overwhelm even the most levelheaded adult. Don’t worry, here are some tips we have collected from single parents who love travel.

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Listen to Your Kids

Involve your kids as much as possible when making travel decisions. Search the internet together, looking for information and photo of your palnned destination.

Bring Food

The last thing you need when you’re going it alone is a blood sugar crash. Stock the glove compartment or your carry-on bag with healthy snacks like dried fruit, nuts, whole grain crackers, and cheese.

Adjust Your Expectation

A trip to a jungle of Papua may be your cup of tea, but it is too much for toddler still in diapers. Come to realization that some travel destinations and activities will have to wait until your kids get a little bit older.

Buddy Up

Make friend on the road, at local park, on the beach and at your hotel. Socializing with other travelers will help you cope with many unexpected incidents. Some of your new friends may even help with your kids.

Pack Light

Your two hands are the only ones to juggle the luggage, so pack light. If your kids want to bring their own, buy child-size suitcases. It is actually good to put them in charge of hauling their own stuff. And it will make them happy and feel like an adult.

Take a Break

Rest and take a break as many times as you need, even if it means some of the places on your itinerary must be crossed off. If your hotel has a childcare service, don’t hesitate to take adventage of it.

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