Top Volcanoes in Indonesia

If you’re keen to ascend spectacular peaks, watch the sun rise through the haze of steaming craters and peer into the earth’s bubbling core, you’ve come to right place. Indonesia is the destination for volcano enthusiasts. This is thanks to the fact that it lies on a significant segment of the Pacific “Ring Of Fire“, where two large crustal plates (the Indian Ocean and western Pacific) are forced under the massive Eurasian plate, where they melt at approximately 100km beneath the surface. Some the magma rises and erupts to form the string of volcanic islands across Indonesia. It’s volcanoes do erupt, sometimes with shocking consequences. With tectonic activity comes devastating earthquakes and tsunamis in July 2006 and Sumatra in 2009.

Top Volcanoes in Indonesia

Java Island

> Gunung Bromo :  Journey to Bromo, a sacred and eerie peak surrounded by the desolate Sea of Sands.

> Gunung Merapi : Tackle the lush, jungle-covered slopes of Merapi, an almost perfectly conical volcano dominating the cultural heartland of Java.

> Kawah Ijen

Kawah Ijen Photo by Jean-Marie Hullot

Kawah Ijen
Photo by Jean-Marie Hullot

Bali Island

>  Gunung Agung; Take one of the numerous routes up and down Bali’s tallest and most sacred mountain, include seldom-visited temples in your journey.

Gunung Agung Photo by Sam Sherratt

Gunung Agung
Photo by Sam Sherratt

Sumatra Island

> Gunung Sibayak; Enjoy an easy and rewarding day hike, just outside Beratagi – a few hours bus ride from Medan

> Gunung Merapi; Climb Sumatra’s most restless volcano in the middle of the night for a sunrise view from the top.

> Gunung Kerinci; Brave this challenging ascent up into the heavens on Sumatra’s highest peak.

kebun teh kayu aro jambi

Gunung Kerinci

Nusa Tenggara Island

> Gunung Rinjani; Join pilgrims at the summit of this sacred peak, which has a huge crater lake overlooked by the active cone of Gunung Baru.

> Kelimutu; Wonder at the ethereal scenery atop this volcano, with its three differently coloured crater lakes and lunar landscape.

> Wawo Muda; Climb the summit of the cone, which only emerged in 2001, and view several small lakes of a rusty red hue.

rinjani mountain lombok

Gunung Rinjani


> Gunung Api Gamalama; Catch the view from Ternate of lovely Tidore and its string of offshore volcanoes.

> Gunung Api; Scrumble up this volcano in the Banda Islands to experience the awesome sunrise views.

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