Top 10 Tourist Destinations in West Sumatra

West Sumatra is one of the most beautiful areas in Indonesia. It is mountainous and divided by three valleys. There are lovely lakes and spectacular volcanoes. This is the heartland of the matriarchal Minangkabau, an intelligent, culturally rich and politically savvy people who have  successful exported their culture, language, cuisine, and beliefs throughout  Indonesia. Their unique buffalo- horned architecture dominates the cities and villages.

  1. Great Wall of Koto Gadang / Sianok Canyon

Janjang Koto Gadang Bukit Tinggi

Janjang Koto Gadang (The Great Wall of Koto Gadang) is inspired by Great Wall in China. The Great Wall of Koto Gadang is along bridge connecting Bukit Tinggi and Koto Gadang, West Sumatra, with the length of 1.7 km and width of 2 meters. This is a new icon of tourist destination in West Sumatra.You will be stunned tosee a splendor of Ngarai Sianok, Merapi Mount, Singgalang Mount and paddy field depicting their beauty.

Around Sianok Canyon, there is Japanese tunnel. Japanese tunnel is relics Japanese colonialism which was used for the Japanese army’s defense and storage of weapons. Japanese tunnel founded in 1942-1945. Japanese tunnel has wide 2 hectar inside. You will go to down stairs and passes many aisles built according to the needs at the time. Visiting to Japanese tunnel will make you know some history of Indonesia.The area is also complete with Jam Gadang (Big Clock) which is the icon of Bukittinggi and a traditional market.

jam gadang bukittinggi


  1. Harau Valley

harau valley

Harau Valley is located in Payakumbuh city. This valley is between two steep rock valleys with a hight about 150 meters. In the bottom of the cliffs, a stretch of paddy fields and green lush trees make Harau Valley more dazzling. Harau Valley area is inhabited by a variety of wild animals such as monkey, sumatra tiger, bear, hedgehog and birds. The valley is also more attractive with flowing seven waterfalls in Sarasah. In the rainy season, the water flow is getting heavier. View of the surrounding valley is even more stunning when the rainbow comes after the rain.

  1. Sikuai Island

Pulau Sikuai

Sikuai Island is located in Bungus Teluk Kabang district, Padang City, West Sumatra. This beautiful island has pretty complete facilities. There are 2 star hotels, restaurant, swimming pool, and some cottages if you want to stay longer there. The view is amazing. The sea is very calm and the water is clear. You can enjoy your time swimming or snorkeling to see the beauties beneath the sea. You will see a variety of marine life such as coral reefs and colorful fish when you explore the underwater.

  1. Cubadak Island

cubadak beach padang1

Cubadak Island is a hidden paradise which islocated in the middle of Hindia Ocean. Your holiday will not be disturb by hustle and bustle. This small island is promising serenity.

Although Cubadak Island is far away from downtown, this island has a beautiful resort to enjoy wonderful scenery.

How to Get to Cubadak Island

From Padang, you can go toward to Curocok Beach in Painan. The distance between Padang to Painan is about 77 km. You will spend time about 2 hours passes forest and rice field. Curocok beach is main gate to Cubadak Island.

If you are interested to stay in Cubadak Island, for further information you can contact Nani at ( +62) 8126603766. Enjoy a private island!


  1. Mentawai Island

surfing mentawai island

Mentawai archipelago is surrounded by Indian Ocean and offshore of West Sumatra. Mentawai archipelago has 4 big islands: Sipora Island, Siberut Island, Pagai Utara Island, and Pagai Selatan Island. The existence of the Mentawai Archipelago in the middle of a vast sea made the beaches have white sand and big waves which good for surfing. Mentawai is one of world’s 50 best surf spots by Surfing Magazine. Bosua village is the best destination because the high waves up to 3 meters. If you love adventure, you should try this!

mentawai people

Besides the amazing waves, mentawai archipelago keeps exotic culture. The Mentawai live in the traditional dwelling called the uma which is a longhouse and is made by weaving bamboo stripped together to make walls and thatching the roofs with grass, the floor is raised on stilts and is made of wood planks.

Tattooing is done with a needle and wood which is hammered on the needle by a shaman called sikerei. Tattooing on the island was an identity and a personal or communal reflection of the people’s relationship to nature, called arat subulungan, although there are motivational and design differences from region to region and among clans

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