Top 10 Tourist Destinations in West Sumatra (part 2)

From the air, West Sumatra looks as though a giant has plunged their hands into the equator thrown it high into the air, and let it rain back down to earth. Fertile uplands ring jungle-clad volcanoes, waterfalls cascade into deep ravines and nature takes a breath in deep silent  lakes. Rainforest still clings to the steepest slopes, while rice, tapioca, cinnamon and coffee bring in the wealth.

6. Anai Valley

anai valley

Anai valley is nature reserve, located in Nagari Singgalang district. If you go from Padang to Bukittinggi, you will pass a beautiful waterfall. The waterfall height is about 35 meters. It is part of Batang Lurah River flow from Singgalang Mount toward Anai Valley.

Along the way to Anai Valley waterfall, you will watch monkeys hanging around to welcome arriving tourists. Usually, Anai Valley is a place to rest after long journey from Padang to Bukittinggi (or opposite). Some lodging are available if you want to stay. Don’t forget to try typical Padang food in restaurant around Anai Valley

Anai resort is located 550 meters above sea level. The resort has the best golf course in west Sumatra with international standard. It has 18 holes and was designed by Golf course designer, Thomas and Perret. Many kind of facilities are available in the bungalow such as natural swimming pool and restaurant.

 7. Gondoriah beach, Pariaman

Gondoriah beach

Gondoriah beach is located in Pariaman, 60 km from Padang. Gondoriah beach has white sand and quiet waves. Along the coast, many typical foods you can eat while enjoying beautiful scenery. Gondoriah beach is famous with Tabuik Ceremony which is held once a year.

How to Get Gondoriah beach

It’s pretty easier to find out Gondoriah Beach. Gondoriah Beach is near Pariaman station and traditional market. If you are from Padang, you can go to Gondoriah beach by train and stop in Pariaman station. In front of station, there is Gondoriah Beach. It’s easy, right?

 8. Manis Beach


Manis (it means sweet) Beach keeps historic story. Malin Kundang story told about a disobedient child to parents. Malin Kundang was cursed by his mother and turned to stone. The statue as a symbol of Malin Kundang story. The colour of sand is not like coast color in general. Manis beach sand is black like iron.

9. Lake Maninjau

danau maninjau

To express his admiration of the beautiful scenery of Lake Maninjau, First President of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno, wrote poem which reads “ Do not eat arai nut, If not with a green betel. Do not come to Minang lands, If you do not stop at Maninjau“.

Lake Maninjau is a beautiful lake which is located at 36 km from Bukittinggi. Access to Lake Maninjau is very sinuous. Visitors must take the steeply descending road from Bukittinggi. This journey will bring you on the edge of your seat as the road has sharp hairpin bends and unforgettable twists and turns. The 44 bends in this road give it its name, Kelok 44. There are two routes which can be taken to arrive at Lake Maninjau.

10. Pandai Singkek


Pandai Singkek is known as center of carving craft and weaving songket. Pantai Sikek is located in foothills Singgalang Mount, Sepuluh Koto, Tanah Datar. In this area, you can see traditional farming communities. Otherwise, this village has 1000 loom tools. Wood painting and household furnishings are made in this village.

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