To Reveal the Secret Beauty of Laguna Beach in Lampung

pantai laguna Lampung

Not many people know the tourist attractions located in the Tanggamus region, Lampung. Even many Lampung residents don’t know about Laguna beach. The beauty of the Laguna is still hidden and virgin, so there are not many facilities for tourists.

Laguna beach is not far from Kiluan Bay’s dock. To go to the location, we have to struggle and careful because we climbed the hills and over the rocks. We were guided by a local guide and paid the ticket IDR 3000. By walking, we walked through path among homes and then we climbed and dropped down the hills.

The  journey made us  a bit tired, but we were happy because the view was surrounded by chocolate and banana plants. After through the hills, we arrived in the Laguna beach with high waves and white sand then  we took short break and some pictures because the scenery was pretty beautiful. Then we continued our journey.

pantai laguna Lampung


Lagoon lampung


This trip needs special care and attention. We crossed the composition of rocks scattered on the seafront. Not all rock is good to stand on so we should choose the right path. However, the trip will be easier if you go together with friend or guide who already knows the location.  You will also laugh and feel happy when you see sea waves splash to rocks and hit you and other people. If you go there, please use a comfortable shoes to cross over the rocks. Do not forget to bring a bottle of water and snacks because when you feel tired and hungry, there is no minimarket.



Our fatigue was rewarded with beauty and fun at the pool surrounded by rocks with a view of the blue sea, it’s amazing. A clear pool with a length of about 35 meters and a width of nearly 6 meters is immediately adjacent to the rocks. When the waves came in the sea, water will spill into the pool with a variety of colors. Do not be surprised when you swim in this pool,  the water more salty than water in the sea, because the pool  area accommodate sea water for some time before flowing again through the crevices of the rocks.

pantai laguna lampung

You will be fascinated by natural beauty in the Laguna beach and to be honest I want to come back to see this place again. My advice is to come during dry season or between April to October, when the sky is blue with the sea wind that will make a perfect traveling.

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