The Wayang Museum in Jakarta

indonesia puppetThis puppet museum has one of the best collections of wayang puppets in Java and its dusty cabinets are full of multitude of characters. The collections includes puppets from not only Indonesia but also China, Vietnam, India, Cambodia, and Europe, and masks used by dancers. There are free wayang performances here on Sunday 10 am.

Formerly the museum of Old Batavia, the building itself dates from 1912. In the downstairs courtyard, you’ll find memorials to Dutch Governor generals who were once buried here, including Jan Pieterszoon Coen, founder of Batavia.  Be warned that we have received reports of a scam involving freelance guides at this museum, who pressure you into making exorbitant purchases after a tour of the exhibits.

wayang golek

It is located on the western side of Taman Fatahilla in “The Old Town” areas has the finest displays of wayang (puppets) in Indonesia including puppets from of Indonesia. The wooden and leather puppets displayed here represent the finest craftsmanship in the particular from the traditional theater. The museum also shows shortened performances of the puppets leather every Sunday morning.

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