The Beauty of Batik

batik indonesia

Indonesia has lot of unique and beautiful culture that you can’t find in other country in this world. Therefore, it’s good idea, if you choose this country as your vacation destination. One of the most unique and beautiful thing you can get from Indonesia is Batik. Batik is the traditional method to draw and painting on a fabric. There are many type of pattern you can find and all of them are beautiful. But, if you want to buy Batik from Indonesia, you must choose right place to visit. Yogyakarta and Solo are known as the center of Batik industry. But, the most important thing here is choosing the real Batik. It is easy to do. Just see it through the light. If the front side and back side pattern are perfectly match, we can say that that is the handmade Batik, which have higher value and it’s very precious.

However, Batik isn’t a mere traditional art from Indonesia. Batik also has deeper philosophy and value in it.  Long time ago, Batik was used to show your social status. There is special Batik pattern that can only be wore by the royal family at that time. In fact, Batik is used to be the cloth that was specially made for royal family. And, when it was spread out, and common people also can wear it, there’s still the way to difference the social status by special pattern.But, today, Batik has become common cloth that most of people wear. However, there is some unique rule that most of Batik make use to create their product.

It’s still using the concept of old time Batik that is specially made for royal family. For example, the Batik pattern Parang Kusumo that used to be special pattern for royal family, although, we also can wear this pattern, there’s big different between Parang Kusumo pattern that we can wear and the royal family pattern. The Parang Kusumo that can only be worn by royal family is the pattern that has size more than 15 cm. We, common people, can’t wear those size and you won’t find it on the store in Indonesia.

batik indonesia

There’s Parang Kusumo for common people, but, the size is lot smaller than 15 cm. the other thing about Batik is the pattern that you can find on most of Batik describe the real life of people of Indonesia long time ago. It shows the diversity, friendship, social life, relationship with your community, family and many other aspect of life. The handwriting Batik that need months and even years, there’s Batik that needs 6 years to finish, also shows that in our life, we must be patience and determine in doing something. Basically, in one piece of Batik cloth, there are many and deeper meaning that we can find.

Therefore, if you visit Indonesia and buy Batik, you won’t get only original art and cloth from Indonesia. You will get a piece of cloth that has very high value, either in its aesthetic aspect as well as philosophy of life.

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