Tanjung Balai and Toba Culture Festival

north sumatra festival

From 14th to 16th December, the diverse fascinating cultures of the Batak ethnic group living around spectacular Lake Toba together with dances from the coastal city of  Tanjung Balai will be presented at The Tanjung Balai & Toba Culture Festival, to take place at the Sultan Abdul Jalil Field and Tanjung Balai Waterfront City Hall, in North Sumatra.

The festival will feature some of the most fascinating traditional art performances from the Toba highlands including the Tor-tor Dance which will be performed by representatives from 11 regencies in North Sumatra . There will also be the Gordang Sambilan performed by the Association of Halak Mandailing of Malaysia, and Melayu Dances presented by representatives hailing from various regencies. Handicraft exhibitions from North Sumatera will brighten up the occasion, providing ample shopping opportunities.

Having close bonds with Malaysia,  and with only 4 hours distance by boat from Port Klang, Malaysia, the enchanting city of Tanjung Balai on the Asahan river (not to be confused with Tanjung Balai Karimun) is the perfect place for this most attractive cultural event that transcends the boundaries of the two countries. Tanjung Balai is also the perfect gateway to the lovely Lake Toba.region.

For more information, please contact:
1.The Secretariat for Tanjung Balai and Toba Culture Festival:
The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in Jakarta at :
Telephone: +6221 3838170, +6221 3838211
Fax: +6221 3440328

2.The Office for  Sports, Culture, and Tourism of Tanjung Balai:
Jl. Jendral Sudirman No.9, Tanjung Balai, North Sumatra
Telephone/Fax: 0623-595706

Source : Indonesia.Travel

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