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lake toba sumatra

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Sumatra Island

Sumatra Island in Indonesia is the sixth largest Island in the world.  Sumatra Island has many hidden secret beauty. Sumatra is tropical rainforest heritage which preserves tropical rainforest and the habitat of several endangered...

tembakak beach

Krui, A Paradise for Surfing Lovers

Indonesia has not only Bali island, but also Krui, Lampung. The place has a stunning beauty for surfing and sea lovers.  At first glance it looks like Lombok island but Krui has some advantages...

kiluan bay

Amazing Trip to Kiluan Bay

You surely love dolphins, marine mammals which are famous for their witty, intellect and gregarious nature. In the world,there are only limited locations to see wild dolphin encounter. If you can not go to Tangalooma Moreton Island in Australia to see wild dolphins, the other best option is to go to Kiluan Bay, Lampung, Indonesia. Lampung is 25 minutes...