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Mayu Desa, An Ancient Purge in Modern Day in Mount Bromo

                               www.surabaya.panduanwisata.id Mayu Desa is humble offerings of nature in order to ensure harmonious relationships between men dan their surroundings. It is an expression of unwavering faith and gratitude by the people...


Surabaya, City of Heroes

Mostly visited on business trips, many overlook Surabaya’s soulfoul colonial charms and footprints of fierce heroism. While most Javanese are stereotypically bound by strict aristocratic protocols and etiquette, the second largest city in Indonesia...


Top Volcanoes in Indonesia

If you’re keen to ascend spectacular peaks, watch the sun rise through the haze of steaming craters and peer into the earth’s bubbling core, you’ve come to right place. Indonesia is the destination for...