Tabuik Culture Festival in Pariaman

culture festival in pariamanMassacre of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Husaain in the Karbala War has incised a deep historical cut that lives in many hearts of Muslim all around the world. In Pariaman, West Sumatra, it is commemorated by performing a special ceremony known as Tabuik.

Derived from the Arabic word “tabut” which means “to be paraded”, the Tabuik ceremony is an ancestral ritual conducted by the Minangkabau people in the west coast of Sumatra. The ceremony has been held since 1831 on the day of Asyura, which falls every year on the 10th of Muharram in the Islamic calendar.

A youth from Pasa Village and Subarang Village or indigenous villages involved ””clash”” as a main ritual “Manabang Batang Pisang” or cutting down banana trees in Tabuik cultural feast 2012 in Pariaman, West Sumatera, on Monday night.

Magical Creature

Tabuik is not only a name, but it also refers to a pair of objects, one made of bamboo and the other of wood, are shaped a sturdy horse with a human head and a pair of wings. In Islam, this creatures is called Buraq and is considered magical. A 15 meter vertical trunk is built on the Buraq. This event is also decorated with accessories dominated with color red and complimented by several other colors too. All of these objects will then be paraded.

culture festival pariaman

On D-day, you can feel the excitement from early morning. At 6 am, all participants came to the town square where the ceremonial items await. Spectators gather on sidewalks to watch the Tabuik procession. Not only locals, government officials and international tourist especially from Malaysia and Sinagpore can be found attending this most colossal ceremony in West Sumatra.

As the sun sets, the parade also ends. Together, the two Tabuik figures are brought to the beach and floated out to the sea to dispose bad luck. Additionally, this moment is also believed as the time the Buraq flies to the sky. This ceremony is now directed to be unique cultural attraction that can appeal to locals and foreign tourists of any age. Also, there are traditional markets and bazaar as part of the entire event. Take your time to taste saluluk and rakik maco, distinctive Pariaman snacks that are usually vended on shoreline. They are simply delecious.

tabuik pantai gondoriah

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