Tabuik, A Culture Ceremony From West Sumatra

tabuik pariaman ceremony

Tabuik as one of the ceremony and children’s games is a national tourism event held every year at the beginning of Muharram month (Islamic Year). Many tourists will come to see the ritual and even from neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam. For ten days of  Tabuik manufacturing procession, until the peak show on the 10th of Muharram, a lot of creativities will be shown such as Indang, Dabuih, Gamad, Qashida, Arts, Minang Song Festival, and others.

Inside Tabuik Tradition

From the various traditions in Indonesia to welcome Muharram, Tabuik is a very unique tradition. Tabuik’ is very different ceremony if it is compared to other festivals in Indonesia. Tabuik ceremony is derived from the culture of the western Sumatra Island, the Minangkabau region.

The origin of Tabuik ceremony is believed that this tradition was brought by a group who are in the Middle East and followed Syiah Jafari. On the tenth day of Muharram, people in Pariaman traditionally gather to see the tall handsomely decorated tower, symbolizing a funeral structure where the coffin of Al-Husyain would be rested on the day of morning. And based on research, this group was from Cipei natives who lived in India mainland. They were British soldiers, the Thamil Islamic forces, who came to Bengkulu. At that moment, Bengkulu was being taken over by the British from the Dutch. Each year in the Muharram, Cipei people commemorate the tragedy of Karbala events with their way.

Then the ceremony was attended by Bengkulu people. Over time this event extends to reach Padang, Painan, Maninjau, Banda Aceh, Maleuboh, and Pariaman. In its development, the ceremony disappeared one by one. Finally only Pariaman still organize Tabuik event. In Pariaman, commemoration was named Tabuik which is different from what was taken by the Cipei ceremony.
The named of Tabuik  is actually not a word came from the Minang language. The word of Tabuik came from Arabic language. The origin of the word  Tabuik  is the ark. The Ark itself has meaning box or wooden crate. Celebrations of  Tabuik is only implemented in Pariaman located on the coast of West Sumatra. This celebration is held from  the center Pariaman held to Gandoriah Beach. Tabuik celebration is held only in the month of Muharramand lasts for 10 days. Starting from 1st Muharam in the morning until 10th of Muharam in the night with series of events that have become traditions of ‘anak nagari’. Celebrations of Tabuik is followed by almost all Pariaman people.

Composition Events on ‘Tabuik’
From all of ten days, each day there is a very sacred event. Starting from the making of Tabuik shaped like a coffin and bouraq until the release of Tabuik to the beach.
In celebration, Tabuik is divided into two: Tabuik pasa (hall) and Tabuik Subarang. Pasa (hall) is the main area in Pariaman, which is the center of the city. Subarang is an area in Pariaman next to the Pasa (hall).

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