Stay Healthy in Indonesia

stay healthy

Indonesia has a tropical climate, and with its warmth and humidity, it provides ideal conditions for disease-carrying organisms to thrive. So, although you should not let this spoil the enjoyment of your Indonesia travels, it is advisable to be prepared for your trip and to be aware of all the current health risks in the country.

Even if it’s a lot of fun, travel can increase stress on your immune system. You may get sick during your trip or come home with an unwanted tropical illness as a souvenir. In Indonesia especially, mosquitos, a human climate, pollution levels and spicy food can be the main problems. Make sure you always stay health.

Healthy Checks and Vacation

Do health checks before the trip and check if you need vaccinations or other preventive measures. Take out a comprehensive travel and health insurance package or you could face a huge medical bill if you fall ill and need treatment.

Medication and Prescriptions

Anti-malaria tablets are important when traveling to Indonesia. Also bring other medication you need to take regularly along with their prescriptions, if any. This includes prescription for your glasses. Some diarrhea medication may also prove useful. Remember, healthcare in remote places is poor and clinics may be unreliable.

In Indonesia eating food from street stalls is common place, but to prevent illness a good idea is to eat where it’s busy. This usually means that the food is good, and that the turnover means the time between food preparation and consumption is the shortest possible. It’s probably best not to eat meat at the end of the day, as the meat can sometimes have been lying around all day in the heat unrefrigerated.

Feminine Hygiene Products

Also bring enough feminine hygiene products especially if you have a preferred type such as feminine napkins with wings. These may not be readily available in small towns.

Tattooing and Piercing

Tattooing and piercing in Indonesia have gained popularity due to their low prices. Pick a reputable parlor and ensure that the needle used is always new to avoid diseases such as hepatitis and HIV.


During your Indonesia holiday, it’s important to protect yourself against the hot sun. Sunstroke can be prevented by wearing a hat, and sunglasses. Always keep a bottle of water with you, especially if you’re in the wilderness and unlikely to come across drinking water. If you suspect sunstroke (feeling light-headed, headaches), you can prevent it from getting worse by drinking water and finding somewhere in the shade to sit and stay there, if possible.

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