Mount Kerinci; Seeing Sumatra from its Highest Mountain

mount kerinciBesides Sumatera Island popularity as one of trade centers in Asia Pasific, and the presence of Lake Toba as one of the largest volcanic lake in the world, Sumatra still has a lot of the best places for you to explore. Do you know Mount Kerinci?

Mount Kerinci is a mountain located in the archipelago’s ring of fire, soaring into the sky to an altitude of 3.805 meters above sea level. The mountain is listed as one of the highest mountain in Indonesia, and is still in active status.

To reach the summit of Mount Kerinci, you can go by land from Padang (West Sumatera) to Kayu Aro in Jambi or from Jambi City through Bangko City, until you arrive in Kersik Tuo Village.

In this village, you need to start walking toward the checkpoint of Kerinci Seblat National Park, and keep climbing to the jungle gate. In this area, you can communicate with the guards as the notice them for this climbing mission.

The Climb begins..

Along uphill journey, you will see a variety of beautiful panoramic and richness of flora and fauna of the national park such as flower and animals typical of Sumatra.

After passing Bangku Panjang Post and Batu Lumut Post, surface level still ramps up towards Post One. Climbers must prepare for the steep to the Post 2 and so on.

In Post 4, Kerinci’s summit is getting closer. Here the Climber can take a rest. Height in this post has reached 3300 mdpl, so the air pressure changes could happen drastically.

In the next two kilometers, Kerinci’s summit has been reached with the contour path full of rocks and sand. Climbers need to be extra careful until the mission is complete.

From the top of Kerinci you will find volcanic crater as wide as 400×200 meters, and if the sky is bright, you will see the beauty of the cities around Mount Kerinci, such as Padang, Jambi, Bengkulu, even Hindia Ocean.

Not only that, in the east of the mountain you will find a lake Banto which is the highest “pool” in Sumatra.

It’s Amazing Indonesia.


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