Marvelous Adventure in Pegadung Rock

karang pegadungOne of the more amazing attractions in Tanggamus region in Lampung is Karang Pegadung (Pegadung Rock), besides Laguna Beach, and Kiluan Bay. So many tourists equalize the beauty of Pegadung Rock with the famous Phi Phi Island in Thailand. As a matter of fact, some people said that Pegadung Rock is more beautiful than Phi Phi Island.

The different between them are Pegadung Rock is still hidden and has not been managed well.  The infrastructure has not accommodated well, so a trip to the Pegadung Rock is very dangerous for those who don’t expert in riding a motorcycle and fully challenging. But you can ask local resident to take you there because they are expert rider and they are familiar with it.

This was extremely adventurous. The road full of gravels, pebbles, rocks, sand and even mud. The trip along the 25 km passes through hills, up and down. It is recommended to come in the summer season, because during rainy season it would be very dangerous. Along the way, we were presented with hills, sea, paddy fields and rivers.

perjalanan karang pegadungWhen we arrived,  our exhaustion was suddenly gone. The view was blown in my mind. Incredible! I saw tourists just got fish and sea urchin and then they grilled them in the edge of the beach. It seemed so delicious. I just sat among the rocks. I was still stunned withthe sight. I even didn’t have enough words to describe my feeling. God is the best creator.

phi phi pegadung

Photo by @weegeeh

Pegadung Rock known as rock screen (Batu Layar) and Shark Teeth (Gigi Hiu) because the shape of the cluster of rocks resembling shark teeth. And then, we continued to walk about 15 minutes to get close to these rocks resembling shark teeth. Many Landscape photographer and Painter came to capture the beauty of Pegadung Rock. In fact, this place had held Camping Art in 2011 which was organized by The Arts Council Lampung (DKL) and Artists Lampung Community. Dozens of artists participated in this event.

karang pegadungHow to get to Pegadung Rock

Pegadung Rock Beach is located in Kelumbayan district, Tanggamus regency, Lampung. It takes 2-3 hours from Bandar Lampung to Kiluan Bay. From Kiluan Bay, a trip will be continued by motorcycle for an hour. You can use travel agent such as @kiluandolphin to arrange your vacation because there are some interesting places you should not miss. Or you can ride motorcycle with your friends who like adventure to come to this place together.

Travel Tips:

  • Camera + Accessories
  • Dry bag is a must
  • Sandals / Shoes Mountain
  • To who want to snorkel do not forget to bring clothes for snorkeling
  • Prepare some drugs for emergency use
  • Sunhat, sunglasses and sun block
  • Bring a bottle of water and snacks

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