Majapahit Kingdom, A Commemorative History of Indonesia

As we know, almost every country in the world has a historical background of its legacy that can be proud of. History that makes them have identity and a record of the glory in the past, while they were still embracing the monarchy. There are many examples such as China, Iran, Central America, Greece, India and so on. Well, Indonesia also has it.

Indonesia as an island country stretching from Sabang to Papua province had Majapahit kingdom. Its trail can be seen in the area of East Java Trowulan Mojokerto. If you come to Indonesia, it could be an option for your travel to know the history of Indonesia.

majapahit kingdom

Overview of Majapahit

Majapahit kingdom was founded in 1293 and existed until 1500. The name came from the fruit young Mojo Majapahit (Latin: Aegle Marmelos) which tastes bitter when it’s eaten by one of the soldiers, Raden Wijaya, –  the founder.

After some periods of kings from Raden Wijaya’s offspring, the Majapahit Empire started to become famous when Tribhuwana Wijayatunggadewi became queen and pointed Gajah Mada as Mahapatih / Prime Minister. Gajah Mada became famous after he promised to unite the archipelago as a country, known as Palapa Vow (Sumpah Palapa).

The Majapahit empire’s heyday came after Hayam Wuruk became King, and Gajah Mada successfully achieved his vow. So the Majapahit Empire stretched across the Malay Peninsula, partly Philippine islands, Papua, and Tumasik (Singapore). The Majapahit setback occurred after the death of Gajah Mada and Hayam Wuruk and the struggle for the throne of the kingdom.

majapahit kingdom

Tourism Heritage

There are many places that can be visited when it comes to the site of the Majapahit kingdom in the Trowulan Mojokerto area, such as gate Bajang queen, Rat Temple, Segaran pool, sleeping Buddhist and Majapahit Museum.

If you are interested, book air tickets to Surabaya (Juanda Airport), then travel continues by car for two hours as far as 69 kilometers.  Once you arrive at Trowulan, there are many clues and information for tourists. Because of the dispersed location, you can use USD dollar as an alternative to travel around The Majapahit site.

Heritage Tourism in Trowulan Mojokerto is just one of several attractions that worth your visit when flying to East Java Province. It’s Amazing Indonesia.


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