Magnificence of Lumbini Natural Park Pagoda

Pagoda Taman alam lumbini indonesiaPagoda Taman Alam Lumbini (Lumbini Natural Park Pagoda) is a replica of Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar.  This Pagoda is the second highest replica outside Myanmar, and is the tallest pagoda in Indonesia. This pagoda was opened to the public since 2010.

This pagoda is gold painted with beautiful architecture showing its magnificence. Unique reliefs and Buddha statues decorate the main building. At the summit of Pagoda, there are dozens of bells toll in the breeze.

lumbini indonesiaLumbini Nature Park Pagoda is located in Tongkoh Village, Dolatrayat Sub District, Berastagi, North Sumatra. It takes 2 hours from Medan by car. For those who are not Buddhist, you can take pictures in this pagoda, while for those who are Buddhists, this can be a place where prayers are calming and reassuring.

To get into the Pagoda, visitors must take off his shoes. Other rules such as not taking pictures with a camera phone inside Pagoda and not eating or drinking while in the Pagoda area are general rules that must be obeyed by the visitors.

In the Pagoda Park, you can pass through a suspension bridge combined with dozens of hanging lanterns. The bridge is known as Lumbini Bridge. Underneath the bridge, there is a beautiful garden which is laid out neatly and attractive, as natural forest harmonization with surrounding atmosphere. It will be a memorable traveling.

pagoda lumbini indonesiaSimilar to other Buddhist places for workship, you will immediately smell the burnt of hio. The atmosphere at the Pagoda is so shady and peaceful. Although there are many visitors, but they are able to keep quiet, like other places of worship.

If you are satisfied touring around the Pagoda, you can visit the park decorated with various flowers and trees. Monk statues beautify the park. Green foliage and natural atmosphere will accompany your traveling.

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