Lake Singkarak, A Natural Beauty in West Sumatra

Name of Lake Singkarak is so familiar, especially for those bicycle racing lovers. Tour de Singkarak bicycle racing is taking the name of this lake. No wonder, many travelers came to the lake once again to prove its beauty. Guaranteed, you won’t be disappointed when visit this lake.

Lake Singkarak has an area of  approximately 1,000 hectares and is located in two regencies which are Solok and Tanah Datar. This lake is one of the largest lakes in Indonesia and the second largest after Lake Toba in Sumatra Island.

While crossing the street at the edge of the lake, the stretch of blue water will be seen throughout the eyes can see. Especially during sunny day, blue sky is really charming. Not only that, hills and the clouds view in the sky will make the admiration does not stop.

At the edge of lake, there are a few restaurants and boat rentals to surround this lake. Do not forget to try culinary only available in Lake Singkarak which is Bilih fish. This fish is small, but it’s really crispy and very tasty! Yum, you can enjoy eating bilih fish while looking at the blue water of the lake. It would be a pleasant experience.

If you want to go around the lake, you can hire rental boat. With a price starts from IDR 100,000, you can enjoy the beauty of every corner of Lake Singkarak by boat. Plus the cool air, the lake charms are endless.

If you are still not satisfied enjoying Lake Singkarak in a day , you can stay in some inns. With price starts from hundred thousands rupiahs, you can enjoy a typical atmosphere of Lake Singkarak as much as you want. Do not forget to buy bilih fish which is a typical of Lake Singkarak.

When you visit West Sumatra, you should come to Lake Singkarak. You will never get bored enjoying the stretch of blue water.

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