Kuta Beach Lombok, Pepper Coast

Kuta Beach LombokHearing the name of Kuta Beach, everyone would immediately imagine of the island of Bali. Not many people know that on the south coast of Lombok Island also has a beautiful beach which is also called Kuta . The uniqueness of this beach is the beach area surrounded by hills, the sand resembles pepper because the grains of sand are big ones like grains of pepper and very quiet, especially on weekdays. Kuta Beach Lombok apparently has not been much exploited by the local government to be a leading tourist destination in addition to Senggigi whose name is already global.

Pantai merica di kuta lombokKuta Beach, Lombok, is located in a village called Desa Kuta. Kuta village started to become attractive tourist destinations in Indonesia since the establishment of many new hotels. Besides the natural beauty that can be enjoyed in this village, once in a year, Sasak ceremony held in this village. This is a ceremony of Nyale Odor. By midday, we arrived in Kuta Beach, and the beauty of this beach did not disappoint.

Travel was pretty much paid off when we saw the pristine natural beauty. Car parking area located on the hill, and we had to walk down the hill in order to go to the beach area. Apparently, we were the only visitors to the beach in the afternoon. None of the other visitors, there are only souvenir sellers who approached us and offered his wares. Be careful with these sellers, they were sometimes rather forced us to buy, probably because it was very rare visitors and economic demands. In the distance, some jet ski users were seen. They should come from the hotel Novotel Coralia, Lombok, which is located about 1 – 1.5 km from Kuta Beach and is the only star hotel that is closest to Kuta Beach.

Hotel is also located on the shoreline, and provides a variety of water recreation facilities such as jet skiing, speed boat, banana boat and others. This is a new alternative for foreign tourists who do not like the crowds in Bali. How to Get There If you are staying in Senggigi or Mataram, the easiest way to get to the Kuta Beach is by renting a taxi that many operate in Mataram and surrounding areas. The trip to Kuta Beach from Senggigi takes about 2,5 hours, via the town of Mataram. Better you have a good plan for your departure time, including where you will take lunch. If necessary, consult also with the hotel staff or taxi driver the other places that you may want to visit as well.

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