Indonesia’s Precious Heritage

The Corridors of time have recorded so many tears of sweat, wrinkling foreheads, even drops of blood, which have contributed to the establishment of Indonesia. The Emerals of the Equator, islands hit by waves swaying gracefully, ripe landscapes showcasing yellow rice fields and lush green meadows, rich and diverse oceans and rivers passing in transverse, all under one fluttering flag, the mighty Red and White.

Let’s get to know and preserve the history of this great nation through six tourist destinations that carry the noble values of the founding and beginning of our beloved Indonesia. Please, preserved our precious heritage.

1. Borobudur Temple, Central Java


One of many wonders of the world stands ever so proudly in Indonesia – the ancient monument is also known as the largest Buddhist temple in the world and is recognized as a masterpiece of human culture. Borobudur temple‘s uniqueness is unsurpassed. Located in Central Java, 40 kilometers from Yogyakarta, its distinctive architectural style, inspired by the idea of micro-cosmos or a replica of the universe, had led many scientists and history junkies to wonder in amazement. How, and who built this magnificent cultural gem?

2. Fort Belgia, Banda, Maluku

fort belgica maluku

Old large trees shade the welcoming gate. Blossoming flowers bloom in orange and pink like a beautiful vibrant dance on the edge of Banda Sea. From the gate, 113 steps of stairs await to climbed, to a sturdy pentagon-shaped building, similar to the U.S Pentagon. Also like the Pentagon, the primary function of this building was to act as a center for defense.

3. Kraton Yogyakarta

keraton yogya

Kraton or Karaton derives from the word Kadaton, which means “the kings” and queen residence. The Kraton of Yogyakarta, the center of Kasultanan Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat (Yogyakarta Sultanate), still stands majestically until now and has become a cultural symbol of Yogyakarta and the focal point of Yogaykarta’s government.

4. Kraton Solo

photo by rizkipradana

photo by rizkipradana

Solo can’t be detached from this palace, Kraton Solo or Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat, as the city’s hystory began when Sunan Pakubowono II ordered Tumenggu Honggowongso, Tumenggu Mangkuyudo and also J.A.B Van Hohendorff, commander of the Dutch tropps, to find a proper location for the capital of the new Islamic Mataram Kingdom.

5.  Jam Gadang, Bukittinggi

jam gadang

Jam Gadang soars gloriously in the center of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, challenging its panoramic background of Bukit Barisan. Jam Gadang, that literally means clock tower, was a gift from¬† the Queen of Netherlands for Rook Maker. The ground plan of Jam Gadang is 13×4 meters while the height is 26 meters, and consists of four clock faces facing four point directions with a diameter of 80 cm for each clock.

6. Prambanan Temple, Central Java

prambanan temple

Prambanan temple is an incredibly beautiful building built in the 10th century during the reigns of two kings, and Rakai Rakai Pikatan Balitung. This building has a height 47 meters (5 meters higher than Borobudur temple), the establishment of this temple has fulfilled the desire maker, shows the triumph of Hinduism in Java. This temple is located 17 kilometers from the city center, in the middle of the area that is now a beautiful park.

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