Indonesia is an Amazing Tourist Attractions

amazing Indonesia

Indonesia officially the Republic of Indonesia is an archipelago comprising approximately 17,508 islands. It has 33 provinces with over 238 million people and is the world’s fourth most populous country. Indonesia is an amazing country with amazing places, amazing people and delicious food. Indonesia is place you must see before you die.

Ever wondered why some foreigners like to live in Indonesia? There are of Top 10 best living in Indonesia will explain.

1. Best Coffee and Tea in the World

Cultivation of coffee trees in Indonesia started on Java in 17th century when Dutch first brought coffee to Batavia (city changed name to Jakarta in 1942) and started export of the second oldest commercially produced coffee in the world – Java Coffee. Majority of production is Robusta coffee, but production and export of high quality coffee from Java, Sumatera, Aceh and other areas of Indonesia.

What about tea? In Poland everyone knows Java tea and it is one of the most popular beverages (if not the most popular). There’s nothing better than enjoying a cup of original Java tea in the early morning mountain mist at the place from which this tea originates, i.e tea fields around Puncak. Incredible experience.

2. Hot Weather All Year Long

Yup, sun shines here all year long with only short periods of rain during rainy season. If you simply hare winter and perspective of not having to experience it each year was to tempting and you like when it rains this place is just perfect for you. There are number of advantages of living in a tropical country among which most interestng is: not having to buy new winter clothes each year, enjoying sun anytime during the year, no winter depression and ability to wear simple cloths such as t-shirt all year long. Indonesia is a fantastic place to live for everyone who likes hot weather.

3. Amazing Tourist Attractions

Indonesia has some of the most famous diving sport and beaches in the world. The most famous is certainly Bunaken National Park, considered as one of the top 10 dive spots in the world. However, with 25 percent of the world’s coral reefs located in Indonesia, there are plenty of opportunities for divers. Beside Bunaken, other known diving areas are located around Lombok Island, between Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan, Saninghe Island (North Sulawesi), Biaro Island, Bangka Island, etc.

4. Indonesian People

The national motto of Indonesia “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” (Unity in diversity) reflects the union of a various different cultures. The significant variety of cultures transfers also to the daily life and simply makes it more interesting. We can enjoy various arts from different parts of Indonesia, variety of food, variety of local traditions, various religion ceremonies

5. Great Variety of Food and Fresh Fruits

Ever seen Durian, the infamous smelly king fruit loved by Indonesians? Well, you can actually eat it here for most of the year. Beside if you live in Indonesia you can enjoy lots of other unique fruits that you won’t be able to find in Supermarket in Europe such as fresh Mango, Rambutan, Bali fruit, Snake fruit etc. You can enjoy all these tropical fruits daily and fresh.

6. Exciting and Challenge Life.

Since Indonesia is so big and different, it is actually a big challenge to live here in a very different culture. However, this can just make our lives more interesting. Actually, there are so many events here daily that you’ll hardly get bored. New agencies like to exaggerate a lot and truth is that Indonesia is lot safer than most think and actually even safer than your own country.

7. Efficient Government Service

Now, it’ll get bit controversial as opinion on this subject is highly diversified.

8. Dynamic Business Environment

The most interesting is that markets here are still relatively unexplored and full of opportunities. It’s definitely not easy to do business here due to number of factors, but if you happen to succeed the potential revenue is substantial Considering the big population, cunsumer attitude, richness of natural resources.i believe Indonesia has a huge potential and it is definitely good place to invest.

9. Domestic Servant

Ability to hire domestic servants is one of the significant advantages of living in Indonesia. An average monthly salary of a maid who can take your house of apartment can be around $100 a month. Clearly, it does not cost much to hire domestic servants in Indonesia. Their work make our lives lot easier and saves us lots of precious time.

10 Low Cost of Living

Indonesia can be very cheap place to live and if you have foreign source of income you’ll definitely enjoy staying here. Food at restaurants is also lot cheaper than in neighbour countries and extremely cheap if compared to Europe or USA.

Clearly, Indonesia is very interesting place to live and now you propably understand better why some foreigners decide to live in Indonesia. Simply speaking it is a beautiful, dynamic country with fantastic people. Definitely a great place to live, invest and enjoy your life.

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