How to Recpect Local Cultures

When one thinks about traveling in the tropics, its only natural that you’d want to pact only shorts, tank tops and sundresses and maybe top it off with a big rim hat. You’d be right to think that way. However, when you travel within Indonesia you should remember that this vast is comprised of many different cultures various local customs.

kiluan dolphin lampung

Dress down for the Beach

In some tourist destinations such as Bali, Manado, Maluku, Flores where Islam is not predominant you can get away with the more common tropics attire i mentioned earlier. So wear the bright yellow sundress with a big straw hat and flip-flops when you wander around Bali. Just keep in mind when visiting temples and other religious sites in Bali you must cover your legs.

Respect Local Culture

Whereas in other cities where the majority of the population in Moslem, such as Padang, Aceh, Makssar, and some areas of Lombok, you might want to dress more conservatively. Don’t wear too shorts and pair them up with a tank top. Opt for something with sleeves and shorts no higher than your knees. If you are visiting a mosque be sure your legs are covered and don’t forget head covers for the ladies. Even though there are not a requirement, the locals will appreciate if you dress accordingly.

Most Indonesians will understand that you are visitor and might not fully grasp the local dress code customs. But as a smart adventurer that you are, you can be sensitive to their culture and adjust your attire.


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