Hidden Beauty in Ujung Genteng

ujung genteng sukabumi

For Jakarta residents, Ujung Genteng in West Java is a perfect place for a weekend. There is a stretch of white sand beaches, blue seas, and cute turtles there. Traveling to Ujung Genteng is delightful.

Ujung Genteng is located in Ciracap district, Sukabumi, West Java. It is quite far from Jakarta. It’s about 8-9 hours away by car. Travel can be reached by private car or public transportation. From Bogor, bus will take you to the Pelabuhan Ratu  and then by other connecting vehicles to Ujung Genteng. Although far away and tiring, the beauty of Ujung Genteng will pay off.

Arriving at the Ujung Genteng, white sand will welcome you. The sound waves will become music and coral stones will be the perfect complement to seaside atmosphere. While viewing beaches, guaranteed, you’ll fall in love.

ujung genteng2

No need to wait, step your feet to play water at the edge of the beach. This beach is a long coastline of about 16 km. You will be satisfied and relax on the beautiful beach. Please wait the twilight, the golden yellow sun will close the day with a cheerful.

sunset ujung genteng

In the morning, the other part of Ujung Genteng has a beautiful sunrise that will wake you up. Golden yellow light is really fascinating. Take a camera and record views of the sun rising.

In Ujung Genteng, there are many interesting places and activities, such as watching green turtles (Chelonia mydas) nesting at night, digging holes for their eggs, cover the holes for the eggs, etc in Pengumbahan Turtle Park. You can also touch the green turtle. When the night comes, you can move on to the turtle breeding. You can rental car for 30 minutes, you will meet baby turtles. You can learn a lot about turtles and release cute turtles into the sea. Well, adorable!

penakaran penyu sukabumi

There is also a location where you can surf where many people from abroad feel it is a great place because it is clean and the waves are quite challenging. For those who like fishing, Ujung Genteng is the place where fishermen from other areas come and they get a lot more fish and quite varied.

For those who like the tranquility, they could enjoy it on the shore Ujung Genteng. Moreover, its coastline extending for ± 6 km and facing the west is  so beautiful during sunset. Also for those who like adventure with 4WD vehicles, Trail Bike, Mountain Bike, Surfing and Boating, Ujung Genteng is also very suitable. There are still some other interesting objects and events that can not be mentioned one by one because they are a lot and rarely in other areas

For surfing lovers, Ujung Genteng has waves that will satisfy them at Seven Waves. If you are a beginner, you can play in the morning. Whereas if you are good enough, you can chase the waves start from midday until late. Big  and long waves are so exciting and challenging here. But be careful, because a lot of coral at the bottom.

There are many hotels around the beach for overnight. Range of price is between IDR 100,000-400,000 or US$ 10- 40. One of the favorite hotels for backpackers and travelers is Mama Inn. It is located directly on the beach and the price is very cheap, only IDR 125,000 per night.

Ujung Genteng is a perfect vacation spot for weekend. It is an endless treat from nature,  when you enjoy Ujung Genteng. Prepare and pack your camera, come on vacation to Ujung Genteng!

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