The Great Wall of Koto Gadang

The Great Wall of Koto Gadang or Janjang Koto Gadang is a new tourism spot which was inaugurated in 26th January, 2013. The Great Wall of Koto Gadang is along bridge connecting Bukit Tinggi and Koto Gadang, West Sumatra, with the length of 1.7 km and width of 2 meters.

In the past, this bridge was used to reach Ngarai Sianok as icon of Bukit Tinggi. After earthquake in West Sumatra, the bridge was broken. The bridge was repaired, and in 2013, the bridge was opened as new tourism spot in West Sumatra.

Janjang Koto Gadang Bukit TinggiThe Great Wall of Koto Gadang was made similar to The Great Wall of China but in smaller version. It is located in Panorama, Bukit Tinggi. When I visited it, it took me 5 minutes walking from Japanese Hole forward to Koto Gadang. There are 1000 steps I must go through to get to Koto Gadang. When tired, I took a rest and enjoyed the scenery.

Janjang Koto Gadang Bukit TinggiAlong the way, I was presented with amazing views from Ngarai Sianok, Merapi Mount, Singgalang Mount and paddy field depicting their beauty. I watched splendor of Ngarai Sianok Wall with a height of about 100-200 meters. Indeed, West Sumatra is endowed with natural beauty.

The beautiful landscape is glorious with its fertile soil, lush greenery and cool temperature. It was a refreshing change from my seaside escapade. It is the kind of place where one thinks of retiring or becoming a farmer or both.

The Great Wall of Koto GadangBukit Tinggi is 90 kilometers north of Padang, three hours away and connected by a smooth comfortable but snaky road. The busy market town is surrounded by rice paddies and three – so far – Mount Singgalang, Mount Merapi and the more distant Mount Sago. The town sits comfortably 930 meters above sea level and can be covered on foot. In addition to its beautiful view that makes it as one of the best tourism destinations, Bukit Tinggi is also acommercial center in West Sumatra.

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