Fun Experience in Bandung

Jakarta and Bali maybe are the most popular and well known city in Indonesia. However, you must know, Indonesia isn’t only Jakarta and Bali. There are many other cities in Indonesia that has lot of interesting and beautiful spot you can visit as well as different and unique experience that you can’t get elsewhere. One of them is Bandung. If you choose to visit Bandung, be prepared for having great time here.

Bandung is known as the Parijs van Java or Paris of Java. This name was given, because, Bandung has many beautiful spot that is well known since the colonial era when Dutch invade Indonesia. Nowadays, Bandung is still known as Paris of Java, therefore, you choose right destination for your vacation in Indonesia. There are many things you can do and visit in Bandung. If you are looking for beautiful architectural masterpiece, there are many of them that you can find in Bandung. First, you can visit Grand Hotel Preanger. This hotel uses the art-deco style that’s combined with local culture style. If you are looking for more extreme architectural style combination, you can visit Gedung Sate, which is also the government building of Bandung. This building has many architectural style applied.

Gedung Sate

Gedung Sate

You can find Spanish Moorish style, Italian Renaissance, Balinese pura and Thai pagoda roof.  There is also Gedung Merdeka, which is one of historical building that also has big part in Indonesia history. This is the place where the Asian African Conference held. Those are few architectural spot you can visit. Now, if you want to enjoy the art of Bandung, you can choose your first destination at Saung Angklung Udjo. This is the place where you can find many kinds of Angklung that was created by famous Angklung artist, Udjo Nalagena. You also can visit Bosscha Observatory. This is the only observatory that you can find not only in Bandung, but also in Indonesia. However, you need to make reservation, if you want to enjoy this vacation spot at least 1 month before you visit it.

Bandung is also great place where you can do lot of fun and unforgettable activity. If you want to go back to your life for a bit, you can spend your Saturday night at Jalan Dago. Here, you can find many modification car show, hip hop dancer and party. Basically, this is the place where you can have fun with your friend. Want to exercise your body after having great and relaxing time in Bandung? Bandung has Gasibu Park. Here, you can find beautiful park where you can jogging have many other activity. If you hungry or thirsty, there are many food stalls that you can find in this place. The Gasibu Park is located right in front of Gedung Sate. So, you can exercise as well as enjoy the beautiful view of Gedung Sate. Do not forget to bring your camera. Actually, those are only tiny part of beautiful spot that you can find in Bandung. There are many other spot where you can get fun and unforgettable experience in this city.

Dago Plaza

Dago Plaza

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  1. akbar wiguna says:

    woow bandung is a amizing and beautyfuul city with exsotic place

  2. akbar wiguna says:

    bandung memang kota yang indah tidak heran kota ini di juluki kota kembang