Food Adventure in Indonesia

Vacation is an important thing that you must do at least once every two years for relieving your mind from all stress. And vacation here means a real vacation. You escape from your daily routine, enjoy the different culture and taste different food. Speaking of food, Indonesia would be the best destination you can choose, if you want to get great food adventure vacation. There are lots of delicious foods that you can taste in this country and you will get lot of fun and unique experience from it.

The first food you can taste is Rendang. As we all know, this food is known and acknowledged as the most delicious food in the world. In Indonesia, Rendang is common food that you can find on many restaurant and hotel. Although the original place where the Rendang comes from is Padang in Sumatera, you don’t have to visit this city to taste this food. Every city in Indonesia has Rumah Makan Padang or Padang Restaurant, a restaurant that only serves unique food from Padang. And at there, you will find Rendang. Rendang is made of meat with lot of herb. The spicy taste is the unique taste of this food. The terrifying thing about Rendang is it is addicting. Once you eat it, you will want more and more. It’s not because of drug or something in it, but, it’s because of its deliciousness.

rendang indonesia

The other unique food from Indonesia is Bakso or meatball. Compared to Rendang, Bakso can be said as the cheap food or common people food. There are many people that sell this food. Every street in every city in Indonesia there is always one Bakso cart that you can find. However, if you worry about hygiene, you can buy it from restaurant or hotel where you stay. The hotel always has this menu, so, you can easily get it. The Bakso itself is combination of meatball, broth and other kinds of food, like fried tofu and other. There are many kinds of Bakso in Indonesia. However, if you are looking for the most popular Bakso food, you will find Bakso Bakar Malang. It’s actually, similar with most of Bakso menu, but, the different is it use toasted meatball.

bakso meat ball

Nasi Goreng or fried rice is also one of unique food in Indonesia. In every hotel, you will find that this is food that always can be found in their breakfast menu. It is also delicious, if you eat this food for dinner. The most common Nasi Goreng menu in Indonesia is the red fried rice with sunny top egg on top of it.

nasi goreng

Those are few unique foods that you can only find in Indonesia. They are surely delicious and different food that you can taste. But, Indonesia doesn’t only have those foods to enjoy. This country has more than thousand tribe and culture and each culture have hundreds kinds of food. So, your food adventure in Indonesia will be more exciting and fun, because, there are many kinds of food that you can taste and culture that you can explore.

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