Favorite Indonesian’s Food

In Indonesia many foods that are quite popular with the indigenous and foreign. Numerous ethnic groups and cultures is the most important aspect of culinary tourism is growing rapidly. 5 favorite foods are usually in the consumption of Indonesia:

– Soto ayam
Chicken soup in Indonesia Chicken soup is a kind of chicken soup with glass noodles content uses turmeric spices blended with other spices to flavor the chicken broth mixed with saffron. Soto very tasteless chicken can also be eaten with rice or rice cake slices. Chicken soup is one of the well-known foods in Indonesia, usually chicken soup is easy to find, starting from the middle and upper dining to sidewalk dining. It was very typical of so many people who enjoyed this food.



– Chicken noodle
chicken noodleWho does not know Chicken Noodle? This food is one of favorite food of Indonesian and chicken noodle article frequent, where the current can be found everywhere. Many people love consumed chicken noodle. Noodles mixed chicken cut into small pieces a distinctive yellow spice with yellow ?spices and mustard vegetables, usually mixed with chicken noodle or dumpling eating meatballs usually use chopsticks.



– Sate
satay padangHere’s many person’s favorite food is meat grilled. Sate who was stabbed by a stick is usually a well-known in Indonesia as there are goat sate chicken skewers, but some very famous sate padang pasture with seasoning made of authentic spices really minang . Well if chicken and lamb sate are usually mixed with peanut sauce and cucumber pickles plus carrots. This snack usually very easy to be found on the roadside and other eating places.


– Rendang
rendang padang indonesia

Well there is more to this one that is Rendang, beef cooked with spices and coconut milk is one food that is quite popular with people of this dish was served right in Indonesia. It is usually served in Eid along with rendang sayur. Usually rendang can be mixed with small potatoes, marinade can be cooked until dry or not too dry.




– Meatballs (Bakso)
meatball atau bakso

Apart from Chicken Noodle, also known foods that are very tempting meatballs. Meatballs cooked meat is mixed with flour made round with a mixture of spices and then boiled with meat sauce that had previously been mixed with spices, usually served after cooked with spices. Meatballs also served with yellow noodles and vermicelli along vegetables.

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