Fascination of Burung Island

pulau burung yang berada di Bangka Belitung

If you are in the province of Bangka Belitung, there are some package tours that offer trips to small islands that surround the Bangka Belitung. One of them is Pulau Burung (Bird Island).

Named after Bird Island, there is a large stone that resembles a bird in the sea near the coast. In the islands of Bangka Belitung, there are indeed a lot of boulders that are hallmark and unique compared to the beaches located in other beaches. This island is located in sub district of Sinjuk and still close to Kelayang tourism. To achive this requires a boat. You can rent boat from the local fishermen.

Actually, Bird Island is not our main goal when planning to go around the small islands in the Bangka Belitung. Our main purpose was to visit the Lengkuas Island. Not only because its beauty,  but also there is an old lighthouse, built by the Dutch since 1882.

Because the location is the farthest island of Bangka island, and the weather was not good, so we only visited the Bird island.

burung yang ada di tengah lautan

Arriving at Bird Island, tension while on a fishing boat had subsided. We were greeted with gratitude and a smile. Beautiful scenery made us stunned. The island was uninhabited. There was only a cat that played on this island.

After a short break, we also went around this tiny island. The beach was very beautiful with big boulder of granite, coral and white sandy beach. Granite boulders add exotic of the beach. I felt as if the island was only ours. If you come to this island, do not forget to bring your own food and drink coconut water.

Before sunset came, we went back to hotel. If you are not afraid of the ocean waves, you can try this adventure.

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