Family Fun Time in Safari Park

elephant in safariTaman Safari Indonesia is a tourist destination which is environmentally sound and family-oriented in a wildlife habitat. The park is located in several locations. One of them is located in the Cibeureum Village, Cisarua district, Bogor, West Java, or better known as “Puncak”.

Safari Park is one of the most complete zoos in Asia. Facilities at Taman Safari Indonesia are a safari buses, artificial lakes, water bikes, canoes, swimming pool with wave slide, mini train that crosses the African-style village, garden birds, baby zoo, Ferris wheel, elephant rides, horse riding, comedy Swivel, circus performances, Go-cart area, children’s playground. You and your family can go around Safari Park by car or bus. You can stop the vehicle and enjoy animals activities closely. Don’t forget to capture this moment by taking some pictures.

taman safari

taman safariOnce you are there, in a small forest with many trees, rivers and waterfall. While in the location of wild animals such as tigers, lions, bears and so on, the visitors are expected not to stop the car. These animals are confined in certain places that have security gates.

After you surround the small forest, you can visit the bird park which is not less amazing. There are lots of beautiful and colorful birds. There you can also take pictures with little baby lions and tigers. You do not need to worry, because these animals are quite tame and the animal tamer will stand near you.

burung di taman safariBefore you go home, you can watch the Sumatran elephant show. The elephants will paint something on a plain T-shirt  and the T-shirt will be sold for IDR 100,000. These funds will be donated to conserve elephants  which are going extinct nowadays. Come to support this movement. # Save Elephant

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