Exotic Sunset in Senggigi Beach, Lombok

senja senggigi LombokThe Lombok Island is part of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) province, can be said of nature tourism paradise. In this place, a lot of natural wealth that you can enjoy its beauty from mountains, tropical forests, to the exotic beaches are spread out across the island. One is the famous beaches is Senggigi Beach, West Lombok.

Situated in the east of Bali, Lombok is now known as The past of Bali, with the view its beautiful beaches, mesmerizing waterfalls, Rinjani Mountain which rises high, Lombok is a paradise for tourists, with a more dry climate, Lombok becomes an interesting choice for a night tour along the rainy season in Indonesia, which is around October to December. One of the favorites in Lombok is the exotic Senggigi Beach, this one of the potential and famous tourism really offers a fascinating natural view. The sand is white, the beauty of the beach really spoils your eyes to enjoy the Senggigi beach.

senja senggigi LombokSenggigi can be considered as the center of tourism in Lombok Island. Senggigi is situated in the western side of Lombok, in the province of  West Nusa Tenggara, around 12 KM to west of Mataram city. In this region, you don’t have to worry about the availability of transportation. This tourism object has provided sufficient accommodation, so that the visitors’ comfort is more guaranteed.

Senggigi beach has its own exoticism, besides its fascinating beach, Senggigi has a marine tourism, which underwater tourism. Well-known of its calm waves which enables all the tourists to enjoy the underwater beauty by snorkeling. The clean sea water enables the tourist to enjoy the sea to its bottom. You can enjoy the coral reef which rises towards the middle of the sea because it has an underwater view which is so amazing; Senggigi beach is well-known of its diving and surfing tourism.

Once you reach Lombok Senggigi beach, you’ll feel a strong natural atmosphere, the wind flow and the crashing waves combines a really great view. With the sky view in the south, tree suites in the east, and Agung Mountain View in eastern part of Bali Island, you’ll experience peace and solitude. The soft beach sand is really suitable for playing around or just spending time with your beloved family.

What’s more interesting of Senggigi beach is that you can see the sun setting with a perfect composition you mustn’t miss the comeliness of the sun. by just sitting on the side with a drink on your hand, you’ll be able to forget all your boredom whole enjoying the afternoon at Senggigi beach.

This beach is opposite to the Lombok strain which is the border with Bali Island, this what makes Senggigi to have a panorama that cools your heart. Moreover, the existence of the rock mountain as a background of Bali Island and the fence suite of palm suite makes the atmosphere more peaceful and pleasant.

senja lombokThis 10 KM beach provides fresh air that’s still beautiful and free of pollution. The clean beach breeze and crashing waves are so seducing. Activities that can be done here is sun-tanning, play with water, swimming, snorkeling, diving, or maybe you want to build a sand castle on the wide spreaded out sand.

Don’t forget to visit Batu Bolong Shrine when you visit this beach, the location is around 30 minutes from the Senggigi beach. This shrine is built on a coral and the view is so exotic. When the moon is full, taking a walk around Senggigi beach is an unforgettable moment yet so memorable.

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