Delicious Makassar Food

Visiting Makassar is undoubtedly a treat for a taste buds. This port city is known as one of Indonesia’s many great culinary centers, It is a culinary heaven and I am ready for anything that comes my way, be it seafood, meat, soup or desserts!

Sulawesi cuisine is known to be fiery. Dangerously fiery at times, so you might want to be cautious. Makassarese like their food hot and unforgivably bold. They give exception only to their almost always served as a delicious way to put out that fire. Visiting Makassar without tasting the food like locals do is simply not recommended.

Makassar cusineThe local cuisine of South Sulawesi can easily be found all over the city. The option are plentiful, from simple hawker style eateries to the most notable restaurants, all boasting of their menus with pride, no matter how simple they may be. Amidst to many great eateries in town, I am determined to find the best traditional Makassar cuisine, from the famous Coto Makassar to Sop Konro and Pisang Ijo.

Pisang Ijo

Pisang Ijo

Coto Makassar is basically a soup dish consisting of cow meat and innards, such as intestine, tripe. lung and even brain. Delicious rice cakes known as Burasa accompany the soup. One’s bravery to take the challenge of eating suspicious looking meat will paid off just by tasting the honest-to-goodness soup. Nonetheless, innards are always optional. Some people like their Coto Makassar just filled with meat, rice cake, and a spoonful of sambal (chili souce).

Sop Konro, on the other hand, is also a soup dish, but it uses beef ribs. These ribs are also used in a dish called Grilled Konro or grilled beef ribs smothered with peanut sauce. Both are ridiculously good.

Naturally, every good meal needs a good, well portioned dessert. Enter Pisang Ijo, a celebration of color and taste, a concoction of all the right inredients for a dessert. Pisang Ijo is literally translated as “green banana” and consists of plantain banana wrapped in interesting green dough made fromĀ  pandan extract and rice flour, coconut milk, red syrup and shaved ice. The name may be simple, but the taste is anything. This delicacy can be found in almost every restaurants in Makassar, including tha ones in hotels.

The AmazingĀ  Indonesia !

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