Carocok Beach, Enchantment of South Coast in West Sumatra

Carocok Beach is one of West Sumatra’s many tourist destinations located on the southern coast around 75 kilometers from Padang City. The clear soothing blue ocean water enriched with corals and fish awaits new visitors each day. Visitors have another option for entertainment aside from lying calmly on the sprinkles of whitish brown sand on the shore of the beach.

pantai carocok painanThere are many small islands around Carocok Beach, such as Kereta Island and Cingkuak Island. For those who cross the ocean to Kereta Island, many gazebos are available for a relaxing afternoon in the sun.

The clear blue Cingkuak Island can also be seen from afar. The clusters of coconut trees lure visitors to cross over to the fun and exciting island using a small boat rented out by the locals.  There are many games available such as Banana Boat and jet skiing. Beside the games, there is a Portuguese fort, remnants of Portuguese colonization.

Carocok Painan beach Not far from the Carocok Beach, there is Langkisau hill with different beautiful scenery. Enjoy the view from on top of the 200 meters hill above the sea level. Along the hill, in left side, I saw tropical forest landscape. In the right side, I saw beauty of Indian Ocean. This place used to paragliding. The landscape of the beach and Painan can be clearly seen making this the perfect spot for photographers who wish to get a view of the entire area.

Carocok Beach PainanHow to Get to Carocok Beach

Carocok Beach is located in Painan, Pesisir Selatan (South Coast) Regency, West Sumatra. If you are from Mingkabau International Airport, you can rent a car about 400,000 rupiahs for 12 hours. If you’re backpacker and need cheap cost, you should try to use public transportation.

But, you should take Damri to Padang first, and then, you continue travel to Painan or Pasisia. In Imam Bonjol street, many buses await to go to Painan. It takes 2,5 hours from Padang.

Travel to Painan will pass western side of Sumatra Island and beautiful scenery will accompany your journey. You will see Teluk Bayur Port, some waterfalls, field rice and river that these are still natural. It’s Amazing!

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