Bukittinggi as Parijs Van Sumatra

ngarai sianok bukittinggiBukittinggi is one of the largest cities in West Sumatra. It was once a well-etched niche in the Southeast Asian trail, and a marketplace for many villages surrounding it; today Bukittinggi only sees a trickle of travelers headed for hikes to the nearby volcanoes, or for culture tours into the Minangkabau heartland.

Bukittinggi (Indonesian language for “high hill”) was the capital of Indonesia during the Emergency Government of the Republic of Indonesia. Bukittinggi was known as Fort de Kock and dubbed as Parijs van Sumatra besides Medan city. Because of beautiful scenery, mountains, winding, and the weather is cool. On the island of Sumatra, Medan (North Sumatra) and Bukittinggi (West Sumatra) were named as mentioned above. The city with elegant curves mountains, green scenery, canyons, and Tri Arga (three mountains) that Mount Merapi- the highest mountain in West Sumatra-Mount Singgalang, and Mount Sago.

The city was the birthplace of Mohammad Hatta and Assaat which were proclaimed and national leaders of the Republic of Indonesia. Aside from being a city of struggle, Bukittinggi is also known as a tourist destination which is cool air, and sister city with Seremban in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.  The whole of Bukittinggi area is directly adjacent to Agam regency.  One of most favorite travel destinations is the Clock Tower (Jam Gadang), which is a similar to Big Ben. Clock tower is located in the heart of the city as well as a symbol for Bukittinggi. West Sumatra is very suitable application for sharia tourism, because most majority society is Muslim.

jam gadang bukittinggiBukittinggi is in 91 km north of the coastal city of Padang Harbor Teluk Bayur and Tabing Airport. To go to Bukittinggi in the highlands, both highway and railway lines have to go through a lot of climbs and twists. The Netherlands has built highways Padang-Bukittinggi in 1833 while the railway in 1890. Rail-Bukittinggi Padang has three rails because the path uphill. Now, the railway has been replaced by buses.

Temperatures in the town of Bukittinggi range between 19-23 degrees Celsius. Very cool, the air is still clean, the sky is so bright daylight. The atmosphere and weather in the morning, approximately at 07.30, still felt quiet, comfortable, and cool.

As Parijs van Sumatra – with beautiful scenery, then the tourists who come to this place definitely will not miss the Sianok canyon (Ngarai Sianok) and Japanese Caves. Click amazed certainly out of the mouth of anyone who first saw Sianok canyon winding with Batang River flowing at the bottom.

ngarai sianokIt probably took less than a minute to walk to Jam Gadang, where two busy markets appear aside with a whole bunch of horse carriages waiting around the tower. The two markets, Pasar Atas dan Pasar Bawah are the largest markets in Bukittinggi. Pasar Bawah is dominated by fruit and vegetable stands, whereas Pasar Atas sells mostly souvenirs and clothes. It sure was busy.

Getting There

A flight from Jakarta to Minangkabau International Airport in Ketaping will take about 2 hours. From there you can use a taxi or bus to get to Bukittinggi. Bukkittinggi is a pleasant two-hour drive (90 km) from Padang through the gorgeous Anai Valley up to Agam Plateau. There are frequent local buses from Padang to Bukkitinggi or cheaper shared minivans which depart from Minang Plaza


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