Best Vacation Spot in Semarang

Do you want to visit Indonesia? If you do, you have chosen right country to visit. Why? Indonesia has thousand beautiful vacation spot that you can’t find in other country. And of course, all of them will give you fun and interesting experience that you never forget in your life. Now, if you plan to enjoy the real culture of Java, there are many places you can choose. One of them is Semarang.

Sam Poo Kong Temple

Sam Poo Kong Temple

Actually, Semarang isn’t only the place where you can find and enjoy the beauty of Java culture. There are many beautiful spot that you can find in this city. But, if you want to enjoy the beauty of Java culture first, there are three spot you can visit. First is the Jamu Nyonya Meneer Museum. Here, you can find the history of one of the oldest jamu product. You can also see the making process of jamu product. The next destination is Tugu Temple. This is the temple of Java ancient kingdom that is located on the border of the Majapahit kingdom and Pajajaran kingdom. The last destination is Gedong Songo Temple. Here, you will find beautiful nine ancient Java temple that located on beautiful hill. You can enjoy the beautiful architecture of these temples as well as the scenery of the Ungaran hill, the location where this temple was built.

Semarang is also the city where many culture assimilate. The easy example you can find is the religion praying place. You can find lot of mosque, church and Buddha temple in this city. And, the architecture style of those buildings is also assimilated between each style. Therefore, this city will be heaven for you who love architectural stuff. Some of great destinations you can visit for your architectural vacation are Lawang Sewu, Blenduk Church, Tay Kak Sie temple, Sam Poo Kong temple and many more. But, that doesn’t means that for you who love outdoor activity where you have fun in the nature can’t find what you need in Semarang.

Lawang Sewu Photo By Riza Nugraha

Lawang Sewu
Photo By Riza Nugraha

There are many places you can visit here. For beaches, there are Marina Beach, Maron Beach and Tirang Beach. The great thing about these three beaches is their location is close to the airport. Beside beach, you also can visit Kali Pancur waterfall. You will have great outdoor adventure to reach this waterfall. Beside Kali Pancur, you also can visit Curug Benowo, which is also beautiful waterfall in Semarang. There are also many other vacation spot that you can find in Semarang. You can visit Rawa Pening, which is beautiful lake where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of this lake with traditional Java boat. You also can buy beautiful handicraft that is made of water hyacinth.

It would be great idea to use guide and tour to explore Semarang. With their help, you can easily find and visit the best place that you want in Semarang. Plus, you also can save more money for your vacation in Semarang. Overall, Semarang is one of the best cities that you can visit and choose for your vacation.

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