Berhala Island, Stories From The Eastern of Sumatran

pulau berhala sumutIn the past, tourists visiting North Sumatra were more familiar with Lake Toba or Si Piso Piso Water Fall.  But now, tourism business opportunities are growing. It began discovering many other wonderful places that are still hidden and virgin. One of them is Berhala Island.

Berhala Island is near to Sokong Nenek Island and Sokong Kakek Island. Sokong Nenek Island is connected directly to the Berhala Island and can be visited by walking during low tide. Meanwhile Sokong Kakek Island is a little far from Berhala Island.

Berhala Island has a lighthouse at top of the hill and can be reached by climbing 675 stairs with a slope of less than 45 degrees. From top of the hill, you will see clearly Sokong Kakek Island and a wonderful panorama of Malaka Strait. Even, you can see Malaysia which is located pretty close to Berhala Island.

pulau berhala sumutBerhala Island is a breeding turtles place. Besides turtles that are bred, this Island also has several animals such as lizards, and snakes. This area is maintained by soldiers, no civilians live there. But you can visit this Island, and you will feel as if in a private beach. Snorkeling, trekking or playing in the white sand or watching turtles nesting, there are some activities that you can do there.

In Berhala Island there is no hotel. If you want to stay, you should bring tend or you can rent Soldier’s mess. Don’t forget to bring foods and water, because there is no minimarket.

pulau berhala sumutGetting to Berhala Island

Berhala Island is located in Malaka Strait with an area of 2.5 hectares. It is including in the Tanjung Beringin Districk, Serdang Bedagai (Sergei), North Sumatra.

If you are from Medan, you can take bus to Sei Rampah. It takes one hour. And then you go to fishing village (Kampung Nelayan) by public transportation or motorcycle (ojeg) with travel time about 20 minutes.

When arriving in fishing village, you can rent fishing boat to Berhala Island. There is no special ferry to the Berhala Island, so fishing boat is the only one way to get there. Boat rental fee is quite expensive. It’s about IDR 800.000 – 1.500.000 per day or US $80-150 per day. It is better if you go with a group in order to save costs. Another way to get there, you can use travel agent such as Jelajah Adventure Club Sumut. (Phone Number : 0819839859 – 082166205577)

Let’s adventure in Indonesia! 

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