Beautiful Sunset and Sunrise in Tidung Island

The Tidung island geographically is located relatively close to Jakarta. It only takes 2 to 3 hours from the port of Muara Angke or 1 s / d 2 hours from the port Rawasaban Tangerang, so that the tourists do not need to waste a lot of time and the high cost of travel to Tidung island

The wide of Tidung Island is estimated only of 200 M and the length is 5 KM. Tidung Island comprises of  two islands which are Large Tidung and Small Tidung and they are connected by a bridge.

Recently, Tidung island is called by the backpacker community of Indonesia as the New Paradise which is the largest island among of Seribu archipelago.

In the east of the island there is Small Tidung Island. Now the two islands are connected by a beautiful wooden bridge. We can walk down the bridge, looking down to the clear sea with views of coral reefs and colorful fish. The length of the bridge is about 2 miles. Around the bridge there are some fishing net owned by local fishermen.

Even though it is not a tourist island, but the island is very comfortable to be a place of recreation for people who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the island with low cost. The clear sea water and white sand at the beach are beautiful to enjoy. Not to mention the charm of a beautiful sunrise and sunset each day. So do not be surprised if the backpackers call this island as a new paradise for community of tourism lovers in this country.

Swimming and fishing in the island are very enjoyable. Visitors can be fishing on the dock or on a bridge or rent a fishing boat. You can do swimming, diving and snorkeling activities also be fun. Moreover now lots of equipment rental are available for snorkeling and diving plus diving guide.

If you are not interested playing in the water, you can enjoy around the island by bicycle through the leafy trees. Local residents will be your guide to layover in these beautiful beaches.

Only with 400 thousand rupiahs (USD 50) for 2 days, you can enjoy all this beauty. This cost includes rent equipment for snorkeling and diving, lodging, and breakfast. Beauty with cheap price, right?


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