Beautiful Harau Valley

lembah harau sumbar

“All along the race route I really enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Nature here is truly amazing” Julien Liponne- French cyclist.

It’s an expression from one of Tour de Singkarak bicycle racing participants while he was seeing the beauty of Harau valley or Harau Canyon. In Harau Valley, rock cliffs towering like a giant wall and covered with green forests. Your heart will be amazed at Harau Valley!

Harau Valley is located in Lima Puluh Kota District, West Sumatra. From Padang city, it’s just about 2 hours. Although far away and tiring, the beauty of Harau Valley will pay off. The fresh air will fill your lungs. Green forest is calm. West Sumatra is beautiful! The uniqueness of the valley is cliffs. With the rocky surface and dark brown color, these cliffs are like a giant wall!

In the bottom of the cliffs, a stretch of paddy fields and green lush trees make Harau Valley more dazzling. Harau Valley area is inhabited by a variety of wild animals and birds. The valley is also more attractive with flowing seven waterfalls in Sarasah. In the rainy season, the water flow is getting heavier. View of the surrounding valley is even more stunning when the rainbow comes after the rain.

Steep rock cliffs are challenging for climbers of rock climbing sport. A local organization of climbing lovers regularly visits this place once in a year. Travelers who are interested may try this sport. You will be guided by an instructor.
Not surprisingly, this place was one of the bicycle racing tracks in Tour de Singkarak 2012 event because of the landscape. You can imagine how amazed the riders pedaled bicycle between giant cliffs as background. Walking among cliffs is like being in another world. The atmosphere is quiet, non-polluting, and beauty as far as eyes could see. You will feel that you would love to stay forever in this place. .

waterfall harau valleyHarau Valley is an undeniable charm. Some Travelers also claims that the beauty of Harau Valley is no less than that of Grand Canyon in the United States. The difference is that the Grand Canyon is a place with barren cliffs that reach tens of meters, Harau Valley cliffs are covered with green trees. Harau Valley area is divided into 2 areas,  Sarasah Bunta and Aka Barayun. In Sarasah Bunta, there are 5 waterfalls, and in Aka Barayun there is only 1 waterfall.  In Harau Valley,  there is also a flowing waterfall from a height of over 20 feet, splashing cold water. Interestingly, this waterfall has a flow that is not heavy. So, the brown cliff  is still visible in the background of the water droplets. Beautiful,  isn’t it?


Here, there are recreational facilities such as swimming pools, camping grounds, and trails for hiking around the area. Entrance fee is cheap. At the ticket window, you will get a map of the area complete with guideline for wildlife living inside. If you need a guide, you can use one who is paid on daily basis.

To get Harau Valley, you can go to Aur Kuning Bus Station in Bukittinggi. Take the bus towards to Payakumbuh, and then you go by a bus towards to the Sari Lama or Lamaksari. From Lama Sari, the journey continues by walking as far as 4 km (about an hour) to get to the entrance of the nature reserve. It is better you rent a car to get there if you don’t want to walk.

Harau Valley makes me amazed. Its giant wall is like a natural wonder. My Tips for visiting Harau Valley is to prepare your camera with fully charged battery. Yes, once picture is not enough to capture the beauty of this place!

lembah harau

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  1. ian says:

    it was a 5 hour bus ride from padang. We drove once to bukittinggi, and that took less than 3 hours. So, i don’t think it can ever be 2 hours from Padang.