Adventure of The Seven Waves

Ombak Tujuh (Seven Waves), Ujung Genteng, West Java has not well known yet as famous as Bali Island. But it is not less exotic and beauty compared to Bali. This area is an area that still virgin and has not been managed well but has tremendous potential to be one of the tourist spot. And, for those of you who like adventure, this is one place that i recommend, because it is not easy to get to the area of seven waves. There are two alternatives to get there from Ujung Genteng, Sukabumi Regency in West Java, the first one is using motorcycles.

You will pass a small road and the woods around you. The second one is using boat. You will find adventure sensation across the Indian Ocean. And this will be an unforgettable trip story for you. When you get there, you’ll fascinating by the natural beauty of the landscape. Clean beaches with clear water, even you see the fish playing among the rocks. And the waves that have seven waves at certain times can be used for surfing. At seven waves beach, you will feel as if you’ve got a private beach. You will feel relax and quiet while enjoying the exotic beach of seven waves.

So, don’t hesitate to feel the sensation of seven waves.

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